Our Improvement (rite)



The person who wants to do his Improvement faces the christian, both of them standing. The rite begins when this person tilts their head and chest, keeping their hands joined together flat against one another, vertically in front of the chest, then kneels. It is possible to use a stool for support as needed.

Kneeling, he joins his hands together in front of the chest, and with head bowed speaks clearly so as to be heard by the christian whom is being addressed: “Bless me, forgive me. May I be taught as to become christian”.

Then, the christian or the senior elder of the pair, places their hands on his/her head and whispers: “May the Holy Father bless and forgive you. You will be taught as to become christian”.

Right after, the person, puts their hands flat on the ground in front of them, crossed on top of each other and bows while lowering their hands, then gets back up.


The Improvement finishes by the kiss of Peace, in effect a embrace on the cheek.

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