Our blessed bread (rite)

Once all are seated, those who participate in the breaking of the blessed bread rise, while the others remain seated. The eldest christian takes his white linen manuterge and hangs it by a corner from his shoulder, in front of himself, against his chest. He then takes the bread and lays it in the manuterge, and holds the carefully wrapped bread against his chest. Each one then pays their respects, and the elder says Our Father accompanied by the other christians or believers admitted to the prayer. Afterword, he whispers the “Secret” which is his own, namely a thanksgiving prayer of consecration. He then slices the bread with his personal knife, free of blood and violence, and each slice is distributed to each guest by order of seniority in the faith. The first slice comes back to the eldest himself. When the slice of bread is presented to the dedicated person, they ask for the blessing and forgiveness of the elder: “Bless me, forgive me”, with hands together and their head bowed down. The elder replies “May the Holy Father bless and forgive you”. The person may then sit. Once all of the slices are distributed, and the people are sitting, the bread is placed on the manuterge on the table. Next, before beginning to eat, all say in unison “May the holy father bless and forgive us” with heads bowed and hands joined. At the end of the meal, the elder stands, as does everyone else. They bow their heads and say in unison “Bless me, forgive me”. The elder replies: “May the Holy Father bless and forgives you”. The blessed bread must not be mixed with non-blessed bread. It must remain in the manuterge and be entirely consumed. If any remains, it must be kept in a white linen manuterge and eaten at the next meal. Blessed bread must never be thrown out.

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